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The Situation Room

In this short and snappy coaching program, we craft your story and game plan for your upcoming high-stakes communication moment. Go from rambling to rock-solid in just a few sessions and prepare like a pro for the moments that really matter.

Are you facing a moment of truth at work?

You have a communication moment coming up that you absolutely have to nail. A lot hangs in the balance this time: maybe it’s a crucial stakeholder presentation, or you have a crisis in your team on your hands, or you just took on a new leadership role… Whichever dragon you’re facing, decisive moments like these require you to be on your best form. You need to have your own back. You need a compelling, clear-as-a-bell message. And you need an EQ of 150.

You can leave that up to luck… or you can enter the Situation Room.

Recognise any of these scenarios?


However many arguments or spreadsheets you put before them, your stakeholders ain’t having it. It’s incredibly frustrating to keep hitting that wall of ‘No’. You need to find a way forward out of this stalemate together with your stakeholders, and pronto. You’re in need of a new people strategy, and a persuasive story.


Fresh in your new leadership role, you’re in uncharted territories. You worked hard to get here, but now you’re struggling to find steady ground – within yourself and within your team. You want to grow into the inspiring, creative leader that you know you can be. And you want to forge strong connections with the people you lead.


The sh*t’s about to hit the fan. You’re responsible for making the right decisions on behalf of your business and people, and guide them through a tough time. Everyone and their mother is telling you what to do, pulling you in 5 different directions. In the meantime, you can’t hear yourself think. You want to have a clear vision and a solid core message that can stand the test of changing times.


This is it – your personal moonshot performance: a pitch, an interview, a meeting, in which you’re hoping to land your dream client, dream job or dream [insert your objective]. You’ve got a lot on the line, and only one chance to get it right. You’re excited slash panicked, and possibly stuck in analysis paralysis. You’re in need of a stand-out narrative, stellar people skills, and a pep talk.

Imagine what could happen…

… if you nailed that crucial presentation? If you would feel equipped to guide your team through uncertainty with graceful leadership? And reconnect with your staunchest nay-sayers and find a way forward again? But all this without the weeks of stress, days lost on thinking in circles, and sleepless nights second guessing your strategy?

You know, the stuff you usually do.


  • Craft a compelling story that gets heads nodding
  • Get crystal clear on your vision
  • Communicate with clarity and conviction
  • Truly understand your stakeholders…
  • … and forge strong relationships
  • Address conflict with emotional intelligence
  • Stand out with your ideas
  • Feel calm and confident: your best self

Here’s how it all breaks down

In this 3-session arc of hands-on, one-to-one coaching sessions we create a game plan and a communication strategy that gets you prepped for your game-changing moment like Serena Williams for a Grand Slam.

  1. We plan a 30 minute intake call where we set the goals and the tone for our sessions. We plan our sessions, online or in person. I then prepare a bespoke program for our sessions and send over a first, thought-provoking exercise.
  2. We buckle up and get to work in our 1-to-1 sessions: each 2,5 hours long, they’re designed to be a bootcamp for your brain and a deep stretch for your heart. You will get homework. It won’t always be easy, but it will be worth it.
  3. Using my Perspectives method, in our sessions I walk you through 6 steps that give you the structure, substance and self-confidence for your upcoming moment of truth. Together, we craft your story and gameplan.
  4. I offer support in between sessions via voice-message & text, where I can help you get unstuck pronto, if you’ve momentarily lost the plot. You can rant or rejoice in the privacy of our whatsapp chat.
  5. You receive a bespoke “Get your gameface on” pep talk before you face the music to dance. Afterwards, we have a debrief call for reflection, lessons learned, and next steps for you to keep the momentum going.

”Like no one else, Roisin is able to listen between the words, and ask just the right (and sometimes painful) question. In the ups and downs of a start-up, she was the perfect partner-in-crime, helping me to define my target audience and sharpen my message.“

Jurko van Veenendaal – coach, diversity & inclusion speaker

You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers.

  • What makes the Situation Room different?

    In our sessions, you’ll experience a combination of communication strategy, mindset coaching and people skills training that will help you prepare on three crucial levels: your message, your stakeholder relationships and your mindset. It’s that hat trick of bespoke support that helps you rise to challenges like these. BONUS: with my voice-message support in between sessions you’ll have me as your personal coach in your back-pocket for support during impromptu brainwaves or breakdowns.

  • How soon can we start?

    Soon – you probably have a deadline, so we work with it. But I can’t work miracles. So don’t call me three days before your deadline… three weeks would be the minimum amount of time we need to plan and work through our sessions and get you properly prepared.

  • What kind of methods do you use?

    In our sessions, we use my Perspectives method, that I created based on my 10+ years experience as a communication coach. This will give you the structure, substance and self-trust you need to shine, and help you see complicated situations more clearly. In my sessions I combine my own insights with proven coaching techniques such as voice dialogue, narrative therapy, mindfulness, theatre exercises, neuroscience based thought-experiments and creative brainstorm techniques.

  • What guarantees can you give me?

    Like the Rolling Stones sang, “you can’t always get what you want.” I can’t guarantee you that you always get that dream outcome. I am not the Wizard of Oz. But I can stand for the quality of my coaching and my ability to bring out the absolute best in people. If after our first session you feel that we’re not a match or you won’t get the kind of support from me that you feel you need, then we cancel the rest of our sessions and I don’t send you an invoice. So you won’t lose money if you take a chance on us.

  • How many sessions will I need?

    That depends on the nature of your question and the magnitude of your challenge. The minimum amount of sessions for the Situation Room is three, but you may need more if you’re dealing with a substantial problem. Give me a call and I’ll make a bespoke proposal for you.

  • What is the Situation Room anyway?

    The Situation Room is a conference room and intelligence management center in the West Wing of the White House. Originally ordered to be built by John F. Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs conflict in 1961, it is a highly secure room where the President of the United States comes together with all his advisors to monitor and deal with crises at home and abroad. It’s a place where history-shaping decisions are made. In our sessions – though they don’t include that high tech conference room – we buckle up together and make sure you make your own personal history shaping decisions as you face the challenges ahead.

  • When are we not a good fit?

    If you’re looking for someone who…
    – will help you crunch the numbers on your business proposal,
    – will teach you manipulative communication ‘hacks’ without putting any skin in the game yourself,
    – will write a speech or script, or create your powerpoint presentation for you,
    … then we are not a match. I’m not a numbers coach, nor a graphic designer, and I dislike manipulative communication strategies with a vengeance.

    But if you’re looking for someone who…
    – will get you to the core of what you really want to say and help you convey it in an impactful and authentic message,
    – will boost your emotional intelligence and guide you into your excellence so that you can show up in full force,
    – will elevate your people skills to expert level so that you connect to crucial stakeholders when it really matters,
    … then I’m your gal. Can’t wait to meet you.

Success flows from preparation, trust and luck. I can help you with two of these.

The investment

IN £ or €

£897 / €1029 per 2.5 hour session
(no VAT added, with a minimum of 3 sessions)


All-in price for a bespoke 2.5 hour session of private coaching – online or on location in your office if possible – PLUS personal support in between sessions via voice-message or chat in between sessions.


In our intake call I’ll be upfront about whether I can help you with your challenge, and we can both see if we are a good match. If after our first session you don’t want to carry on, you will get your money back and we cancel the rest of the sessions. If you don’t feel helped and closer to your goal through our work together, then I’m not comfortable charging you for it.

Let’s talk

If you’d like to work together, or if you have a question about my services, please get in touch. I’m looking forward to listening to you.