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Mind the Iceberg

You know that feeling, when you just sense there is more to situation than meets the eye? I call it The Iceberg: everything that is not being said for reasons you don’t yet know, or can only guess. Sometimes, these icebergs can sink projects, if ignored. But they’re also opportunities.

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What’s with all the Ravens?

“Ravens are creepy and loud and dark, you sure you want them as your logo?” Heck yes. Two reasons: my Dutch last name translates as “of the Raven’s nest” and I happen to really like dark, mysterious, curious and stubborn creatures – feathered, human or otherwise. Why?

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Objection Your Honour!

After the workshop, one of the participants said: “I was surprised it was actually quite easy to step into the shoes of somebody else and really imagine what things feel like for them. But what was surprisingly hard, was to ask the right questions. Questions that are truly open questions.”

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Should I stay or should I go?

If you find yourself regularly fantasising about quitting your job, or at the very least, if you find yourself checking out at work, I want to give you a question to ponder over that might help you bring some perspective on why you’re checking out and what it is you’re after in your next move.

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