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I’m the Watson to your Sherlock.

You’re a professional of singular intelligence. I am your people-savvy wingwoman. Together we’ll solve the formidable mysteries of the workplace.

My story so far

I’ve been supporting professionals of all kinds in crafting their stories, developing their leadership skills, selling their services and leading their teams since 2012. May have been an accomplice in a bold life U-turn here and there. Definitely made a couple of those myself.


Based in Amsterdam, I worked for a boutique communication agency called Speech Republic. I coached sales teams, managers, CEOs, marketing teams, IT-specialists, doctors, politicians, diplomats and entrepreneurs in how to lead with authenticity, tell compelling stories and become great communicators.

I worked with members of parliament and government in The Netherlands, South Africa and across Europe. Also worked with international organisations such as ABN AMRO, ING, Randstad, EY, Triodos Bank and KPMG. My clients brought a wide range of questions, and I’m proud to have supported them in making a positive impact on the world around them:

  • I helped politicians prepare for elections – and win them.
  • I trained sales teams to give the winning pitch for their dream client – that made their companies millions.
  • I coached CEOs for crucial strategy presentations – that steered the company and stakeholders in new directions.
  • I’ve supported leaders as they led their teams through complex reorganisations – coming out the other side stronger.
  • I’ve helped consultants find their confidence to lead, help ambitious young potentials land their dream jobs and entrepreneurs formulate their big idea.

In 2020 I moved to London, U.K. – for love, in case you were wondering: the only thing that could ever make me leave my beloved ‘Venice of the North’. I now trade under my own name as a coach & trainer, operating both in the U.K. and the Netherlands.


Found out I love untangling knots in people’s minds that keep them stuck in their own version of Groundhog Day. Love it as much as I love soul music and interior design.

A good starting point for feeling more confident, is getting more curious. Curiosity helps you deal more effectively with all that’s uncertain in life – which is a lot.

Learning to ask better questions gives you a key advantage at work – just ask Steve Jobs. They open up new opportunities and prevent tunnel vision. Also, it’s good practice to relax into all you don’t know – which is also a lot.

Listening is the most underrated skill in business. Time is a rare commodity, and deep listening can make time stand still. In a world where everything can feel like a constant broadcast, being a skilled listener will open doors that would otherwise stay closed.

You can’t change people’s minds. Only they themselves can do that. You can only help people realise that change is possible.

‘Soft’ skills are in fact the hardest skills to master – and the most crucial ones. No man is an island. If you want to get anywhere, you’ll need others to get there.

Our lives at work are like an intricate web of subtle nuances within and between people. Develop your nose for those, and you’ll understand more and force less.

You can’t lead others without growing your self-awareness. Your inner work is always reflected in your outer work.

Today I offer my own coaching programs and courses, teaching everything I know about communication, leadership, human connection and self-awareness.

5 things you should know about me

  1. I’m Dutch! We’re famously blunt honest. As a coach I will always encourage you to get really frank with yourself, and with others. I believe it opens up more doors than it closes.
  2. You can bribe me with cheese. If I were a Gouda cheese I’d be a medium. A Boeren Belegen to be precise – easygoing and soft, yet full of character with a salty kick.
  3. I’m based in London, but Amsterdam still has half of my heart. I offer my coaching in English and Dutch. We can arrange our sessions online, or live on location in either of my hometowns, schedule allowing.
  4. I read neuro-psychology books in bed. My partner can’t understand how that’s relaxing. I use science-based insights and mind-opening exercises in our sessions to help you feel and think clearly and create new, fruitful habits.
  5. I love art, and I love making things with my hands when my head is full. Visualising problems often works better than just talking about them. I help you master the art of Vuja Dé: seeing the familiar with new eyes.

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