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The Curiosity Workshop

In this bespoke workshop we explore two crucial elements of successful, emotionally intelligent communication: your listening skills and your ability to ask mind-opening questions.

Lend me an ear.

Listening is the single most underestimated – and undertrained – skill in business. And yet, being an expert listener and ‘great question-asker’ gives you an incredible edge. It means you’ll make whomever you’re talking to feel important, seen, understood and inspired. And whether that’s a colleague, stakeholder or client, it will help you nurture the most important thing in business – and frankly, in life: strong relationships. The Curiosity Workshop is a space to hear each other again as a team, and to develop your skills in deep listening and questioning.

When listening can make a difference…


As a team, you’re trying to find the best ways make the post-pandemic way of collaborating both remotely and at the office work. For your teams to function best, they need to stay connected to each other. Also in your client chats, you’re looking for ways to nurture lasting connections in the world of hybrid work. Deep listening and asking great questions can create fruitful conversation even in long distance relationships.


You’ve just started to build a new team, and you’re doing alright but there’s some discomfort there. You haven’t had the time to get to know one-another as individuals before you were asked to perform as a team. You feel there’s a need for more cohesion. And you’re eager to nurture more mutual understanding and a sense of joy, as you find new ways to connect, listen and grow as a young tribe.


Sometimes, when you’re in a hurry to meet targets or project deadlines or client’s needs, you get so caught up on getting ‘the thing’ done, that you sometimes overlook the fact that you’re not getting ‘the right thing’ done. You’re looking for ways to collectively practise asking poignant questions about what is the smartest thing to be working on. It can help you enormously in setting better priorities and having more clarity in your daily work.


You talk to clients and stakeholders all the time. And you’d definitely say you’re a good conversationalist. But there’s this nagging feeling that you’re not always able to get to the bottom of their problem. Which can lead to losing clients, if your proposals and solutions don’t hit the mark because of missing background information. You want to ‘wow’ your clients and help them open up to fresh perspectives and possibilities, so you both get way more out of your conversations.

If you’re ready for…

… a day of openhearted learning, deep connection and mental expanse. New ways to relate to each-other as a team. New pathways to have better, more fruitful conversations with stakeholders and clients. A fresh perspective on what collaboration really means for you and how to do it well.
…then you’ve come to the right place.


  • Re-connect with each other and yourselves
  • Practise deep listening & open questioning
  • Learn to have better stakeholder conversations
  • Explore new ways to look at problems
  • Learn how to collaborate better
  • Know what to fall back on in times of stress

Here’s how it all breaks down

In this bespoke workshop, I create an experience for your team that will help you reconnect as a collective and grow as an individual. It’ll be like a spa day for your team, but without the awkward moment of sitting in a sauna together, naked.

  1. We plan a 45 minute intake call where we set the goals and the tone for our workshop. We set the date and location. I prepare a bespoke program. Before the workshop, I send out an energising invitation email to all team-members.
  2. We gather ’round and get to work in our full day team workshop. These are always designed to be a bootcamp for your brain and a deep stretch for your heart. You will get challenged and celebrated. And walk away inspired.
  3. Using my Perspectives method, you’ll all gain insights by shifting perspectives on challenges you’re facing and on patterns in your collective behaviour. You’ll learn how to face challenges together with humour, curiosity and compassion.
  4. After the workshop, I create a visual recap rapport for you all to come back to when you need it.
  5. A month afterwards, we have a debrief call for reflection, lessons learned, and next steps for you to keep the momentum going as a team.

“With energy and positivity, Roisin helps me to navigate the challenges of people politics in my work in branding, so that I can achieve the best creative results, build long-lasting relationships, and – above all – enjoy my work.”

Matthew Rudd – creative director Rudd Studio

You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers.

  • What makes the Curiosity Workshop different?

    In this workshop, you’ll experience a unique combination of communication coaching and playful, experiential exercises that will deepen team relationships and open up new ways to do things. Your team is left refreshed and inspired and also walks away with practical tools to use in their conversations, meetings and client communications.

  • How soon can we start?

    Ideally, call me at least a month in advance for when you’d like your workshop to take place. After our intake call and our mutual ‘yup, let’s do this’, we plan out the practical details i.e. location, time schedule and other practicalities.

  • What kind of methods do you use?

    In these sessions and workshops, I use my Perspective method, that I created based on my 10 years experience as a coach. This will be an aid to explore your feelings and ideas, mirror your behaviours, and get creative juices flowing. I combine my own insights with well-known coaching techniques such as voice dialogue, narrative therapy, mindfulness, theatre exercises, neuroscience based thought-experiments, artistic explorations and creative brainstorm techniques.

  • What guarantees can you give me?

    I can guarantee fun will be had, feelings will be felt, and new ways to collaborate will be born. I guarantee your team members will know and understand themselves, and each other, better. And that they’ll walk away with fun ways to approach challenges differently. I can’t guarantee all your internal issues will be resolved in a day, nor can I change complicated team dynamics overnight. But I can give fresh perspectives on old problems and if you’re willing to nurture it long-term, profound change can happen.

  • Can you also create a multi-day training experience for my team?

    Yes, I create bespoke, multi-day trainings as well if that better fits your needs. And if you’ve got a big group to train, I can call on a network of experienced and trusted trainers to help me create a meaningful experience for your team. I’ll also be honest if I don’t think I can help you, and will help you find a trainer who can. Give me a call and let’s get creative.

  • When are we not a good fit?

    If you’re looking for someone who…
    – will stay away from all the feelings,
    – will teach you tricks to manipulate people under the guise of ‘effective communication tactics’,
    – will give you exact conversation scripts to work through,
    … then we are not a match. I’m not a big believer in strict “scripts” and I dislike manipulative communication strategies with a vengeance.

    But if you’re looking for someone who…
    – will get your team laughing and connecting again, as they learn new ways to listen to each other & work together,
    – will boost their self-trust, with the risk of making them more creative and outspoken,
    – will create a unique experience for your team with creative angles,
    … then I’m your gal. Can’t wait to meet you.

  • How many participants can partake in the workshop?

    To guarantee an ideal group experience, I draw the line at 10 people. If your team is bigger than that, I’ll do my best to see if there’s creative ways to accommodate that, but it does impact the concept. Let’s discuss the possibilities in person.

When it comes to connecting with people, there is no time to haste.

The investment

IN £ or €

£3.520 / €4.050
(no VAT added)


All-in price for a bespoke full day workshop with your team – live on location. Including all preparation, intake calls, workshop supplies and after care. Excluding location & catering.


In our intake call I’ll be upfront about whether I can help you with your challenge, and we can both see if we are a good match. If after our first session you don’t want to carry on, you will get your money back and we’ll cancel the rest of the sessions. If you don’t feel helped and closer to your goal through our work together, then I’m not comfortable charging you for it.

Let’s talk

If you’d like to work together, or if you have a question about my services, please get in touch. I’m looking forward to listening to you.